12 November 2002

Location: The Hilton Hotel, room 352, York.

Yeah, g'day...

When I moved to Sydney, I only got homesick over one thing. My lovely little doggie, Sooty, the greatest cocker spaniel ever. For me, the telephone was enough for everyone else - I could keep up with family and friends just by pressing a few buttons. I couldn't do that with Sooty - as talented as he was, he was never able to grasp the technology....

While it was always good to go home, give Mum a big hug, and give Dad a firm handshake, the thing I really enjoyed was getting Sooty inside and giving him rub on the tummy.

He's a gorgeous little fellow.

Which is why I'm a bit down at the moment. My little Sooty-dog has got cancer, and has had to be put down.

First time I've felt really homesick since I got here. And it sucks.

Normally, I sign off with "Cheers, Clayton". Call me weird, but I can't "Cheers" the loss of my little doggie.

But... I hope you're all keeping well...