22 July 2002

Location: My flat, Edinburgh (hereby referred to as "home")

Yeah g'day...

First for a bit of explanation. I really love the fact that Mel got me a blank canvas to record my thoughts in. And it's such a nice book! Suede covers, concealed spiral bindings, the quote on the cover ("We are the hero of our own story"), etc.

The problem is the size. A5 is a great size for writing in, but it's just slightly too large to fit in a jacket pocket. And it's so nice that I'm loathe to carry it around for fear of damaging it.

Instead, I purchased a reporters notepad for 1, which looks like crap and is small.

I've always said that I'm more practical that stylish, going for function over form, and this proves it. Thought you knew me better than that Melly... :o).

So that's why I haven't written anything for a bit...

So what's been going on? Too much! It's been a hectic few weeks. Week one was not too bad, but I had the pressure of having to find somewhere to live. Thankfully, the secondment programme gives you access to a mob called Homesearch, who helped me out. My account manager, Rob (dead set legend), has lived in Edinburgh for many years and found my place. It's in an area of town called Bruntsfield, just south of the city centre.

First week of work was very busy, trying to balance work with sorting out the place and getting bank accounts organised. I was hoping for a laid back second week, but ended up going down to York to a client, and as a result I'm still not unpacked.

Went to Geoff and Jo's wedding on the weekend, really nice. Although I'm starting to think that staying at Caz's was not such a wise idea. We found a local off-licence that sold VB, and spent four nights sinking beers, listening to jazz, chatting, and making stupidly expensive international phone calls. Ugly. On my final day there we ran out of coffee in the morning. Very ugly.

I'm due to be down in York again for the rest of the week, and I've had to stay up late to unpack bags so that I can pack them again. I was thinking of throwing the journal in, and realised that my last entry was on the plane, so I thought I'd best jot something down.

So now that I have, I'm off to kip. I've a 7am train, and I really don't function well before 10...