28 June 2002

Location: Seat 35B, BA16. Currently over Orange at approx 18,000 feet

Yeah g'day...

Mel has been asking me all day how I'm feeling. I've been telling her "numb", as I was unsure of how to describe it. The moment the plane began taxiing to the runway though, I worked it out.

Absolutely bloody terrified.

Will write further after I have cleaned out the contents of my underpants. What am I doing?


Location: Seat 35B, BA16. Approaching Derby from the Great Sandy Desert at approx 36,000 feet

Yeah g'day...

It's amazing what a calming effect 4 hours, a bit of food, and a crap Meg Ryan movie can produce. Feeling a lot better now.

First stopover is in Singapore, to offload a few people, bring some others on, and refuel. There's about three and a half hours to touchdown.

My grand plan is to try to stay awake until 3am Sydney time before sleeping, in an attempt to minimise any jet lag at the other end. Don't know if I'll make it, but I'll give it a go. I'll flick through the movies and hopefully find something agreeable. If not, I'll probably write a bit more to relieve the boredom. And I can promise that with that being the basis for writing, don't expect them to be "Zingers".



Something that I forgot that I know Britto and Colman would get a kick out of...

Waiting in line for the bog, a lady came out and announced that the seat was broken. The steward took one look at it and said he would have to close it off, and that we would all need to use the one at the rear of the plane. As I walked past, he said "You'll be okay if you're standing sir, but could you tell me when you're finished and I'll lock it off?".

Two minutes later, there was one relieved Claytie and one fixed toilet, good as new. And why? 'CUZ I'M A BLOODY AUSSIE AND I KNOW HOW TO GET THINGS DONE!


Additional 2: 8:17pm Sydney time

The plane is no longer over Australia. Weird feeling, knowing I won't see it again for 2 years. VERY weird.