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Yeah, G'day...

Update, Jan 2011

So since the last update, myself and the lovely Katie took a trip to Australia, decided to move there (went to Manly, 2005), got engaged, then married (2006). At the start of 2008 we moved to Canberra, and got ourselves a place to live where we didn't need to ask permission to bang a hook into a wall. In July 2010 we welcomed Tobermory the dog to the family. And that's you up to date!


So you may have noticed that this hasn't been updated for a while. This is due to technical difficulties (mainly me being, technically, a slackarse).

However, I am now the proud owner of a peice of very fine home computing kit (yes, I am that much of a geek), so as a result I will hopefully be putting something more relevant than Australia Day 2003 up here soon.

In the meantime, please entertain yourselves with this photo of yours truly after an argument with a slab of ice. This is a good example of why I don't do sport - a non-contact sport like curling, and I end up looking an inmate who refuses to drop the soap. This shot was taken the day I got home after surgery to put my cheek back in to it's natural position - the little red dot is where they went in with a hook to shift the bone about. I'm now the proud owner of a 4-inch peice of titanium in my face, which is apparently a lot stronger than bone. I pity the poor mug who gets into a bar fight with me, they don't know about my secret powers. Pity I'm still built like a rake, but at least I have SOME defense. Ripped off though, the bastard doesn't even pick up the radio...

Hope you're all keeping well,


The metal plate does NOT set off detectors at the ariport, just in case you were wondering...