One of my favourite things is a smile –  I enjoy seeing smiling faces.  Since I am not a natural entertainer I had to find another way to make people smile, and for the last 10 years or so have tried to encourage smiles through the provision of baked goods. In 1999 I discovered a fascination with cakes, and began to make cakes for friends and family. It’s a hobby that I really enjoy, but it is not really a consistent activity, as there is always this deadline you are heading for, and it is difficult to practice in between times.

My lovely husband encourages me in my quest for the most perfect cake, despite his lack of enthusiasm as a cake eater.  I have to thank him for his tolerance of my late nights/ early morning decoration sprees and support as my main transport consultant.

I am always looking for ideas, so would appreciate any feedback or comments you might have on any of my cakes.


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