First Canberra Cake

June 19th, 2009

This was the first cake to come out of our Canberra kitchen.  Looking at the cake, you can probably guess what it is… Yep – it’s an Engagement Cake!

I tried a new chocolate cake, and frosting combo, and hand painted all of the decoration. It seemed to go down well, and gave me a few new ideas for the future.

Roddy and Alex’s wedding cake

October 16th, 2004
I shared a flat with Roddy for a couple of years at University, and he and his lovely wife are two of my favourite people. When they asked me to make their wedding cake, it was an absolute honour. When they wouldn’t tell me what they wanted, it became officially stressful. Actually, that’s a lie – they didn’t tell me nothing, they told me they didn’t want anything traditional – which didn’t really help much!

I actually took time off work to make this cake, and I definitely needed it. Even with the time off, I was still up until 4am on the night before I had to deliver the cake, but was fortunate enough to have Clayton to entertain me, and take pictures – which I think explain a little about how the cake was put together. I think the most worrying point was during the delivery – I had no idea whether they were going to like it.


Fortunately it went down a treat, the smell of the cake filled the reception with the most amazing chocolatey aroma

. Definitely my most challenging cake to date.

Gillian and Gary’s wedding cake

March 29th, 2003
Gillian and Gary's wedding cakeThis was the first wedding cake I had ever made (the ivy and roses are fake, but were purchased and put together by me!), and at the time the most stressful. It was for very good friends, who unfortunately we don’t get to see as often as we would like – although we have manage to bridge the gap slightly (just the span of Australia). At this point of my life, I was in the midst of accounting exams, and had a week off to study while making the cake. And, to top it all off, I had to transport the cake from Edinburgh to Glasgow the day before the wedding. Now, I know that from an Australian perspective 40 miles is nothing, but it felt like it was the longest hour of my life. I am just really glad that I had Clayton in the car with me (as transport engineer) to calm me down.
This was also my first foray into chocolate cake – and for some reason chocolate cake seems to keep coming into my life. I’m not sure why – I don’t really like chocolate flavoured things. But, chocolate on it’s own – can’t say no to that!