This entry by: Clayton 17 Oct 2016 11:53 pm

The gates come down!

When Chloe was born, we purchased a baby gate. Not that she was mobile at the time, but more to allow us to leave the family room door open so we could hear if she was crying, but stop the dog wandering through the house.

Once Chloe started crawling it stopped her wondering off. The same with Isla.

Once they were mobile we got an additional two gates – one to prevent access to the kitchen (too many hot and sharp things), and another between the playroom and the formal lounge.

All three are now ineffective, as both girls have worked out how to open them. So we took them down on the weekend.

And it has been very weird. Having lived with the gates for the best part of five years, every time I try to leave the living room my hand instinctively goes to open the gate, only to find… thin air.

So they have been donated to one of my work colleagues, John. John was married earlier this year and wasted no time, if you know what I mean. I’m just happy that the gates have found a good home.

And to Chloe and Isla? Well done on mastering the gates!

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