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Commitment Not Met

So in the previous post I committed to putting up a post before I turned 40.  Yep, a big fail right there.  I’m more than half-way to 41, so it’s not like I missed it by a whisker…

But such is the life in AD (After Descendants) vs BC (Before Children).  And I’ve been informed and also witnessed that we’re still facing the thin end of the wedge – as the girls get older, time to update the blog will deteriorate even further.  So I’ll make a soft commitment to do another blog post before 2020.

We’ve recently returned from a visit to Scotland for John and Sasha’s nuptials.  It was a great day, not just for the happy union of two wonderful people, but also the family contributions including Ben on the ‘pipes and Lion on the chanter.

As well as McKenzie clan family get-togethers, we were also fortunate to catch up with the Strangs and the McIntyres.  Cullen was the MC for the evening and taught us all a few cracking jokes as well as belting out a few tunes on the piano, while I tried to come to terms with how much he, Mack, Amber and Astrid had grown.  Little people becoming big people.

And of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We flew into Edinburgh just a couple of days before it’s release.  In the past I haven’t had too much of a problem with jet lag – just force myself to be awake or try to get to sleep in the local time ASAP and it’s normally a quick adjustment.  Not so much when there are two children under five, who don’t really understand the concept of time, let alone time zones, and trying to explain it to Chloe at 2:30am when she’s adamant that she’s not tired doesn’t really work.

As a result, our sleep patterns didn’t settle down for a few days, so I got to thinking that if I was going to be awake at, ahem, sparrow fart, I might as well take advantage of the fact and go see an early morning screening.  So I saw it on the first day of release, in 3D IMAX, at the 7am showing.  Noice.

Ben, Harry and Max saw it a few days later, after which there was a big McKenzie family do to celebrate Jenny’s birthday.  Eddie was keen to see it, and there was some concerns that there may be some spoilers at the family do in the evening, so I was tasked to taking him to see it.

And then Cullen needed to see it, so I met him and Gordon to see it for the third time.

So I think I’m done.  Spoiler alert:  Mark Hamill, I spend a lot of the day looking concerned and confused.  You probably made more in under 5 minutes than I do over, well, my LIFE, for doing the same thing.  I need to become a Jedi… “I’ll be in the movie, but I kinda don’t want to talk, and I’m a tad busy so if you could keep it brief?”.  Wave of the hand, the weak willed agree with you, deed done.

Hats off to you sir.  Looking forward to seeing a bit more of you in VIII.

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