To say we’ve been a bit slack in putting up new content would be something of an understatement. Our little puppy has grown up into a proper dog. Unfortunately for him, he’s also dropped from position three to position five in the pecking order, due to the fact that between the last blog post and now, we’ve been blessed with two beautiful daughters!

Chloe joined us in October 2011, and is just a lovely little girl. Little sister Isla came into the world in March 2013, and has spent her time reminding us of what sleep deprivation is like. She was the spitting image of Chloe when she was born, almost like twins. Now that she’s a couple of months old, she’s starting to be a bit interactive, and is very smiley.

They’re both just wonderful, and I love them to bits.

Isla is still young enough that she can’t really fend for herself, but Chloe is very active, so last weekend we purchased an iPad, partially to act as a pseudo babysitter for Chloe. But it’s also made it easier to do blog updates (I’m on it right now!). Hopefully will mean updates are a bit more timely than what history shows…