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Travels 18 Aug 2009 08:49 pm

Ski, Snow and stacking it…

We’ve just returned from a long weekend in Perisher, and once again discovered (in my case anyway), that ability affects execution!

A fantastic weekend, only marred slightly by the rain on Sunday.  On the whole, I think our ability has improved since last year.  We even managed to conquour a blue run on Saturday morning.  Although it has to be said, I only made it once without stacking it – so props to Clayton for being braver than me!

A few unplanned trophies must be awarded for the weekend:

1. Most co-ordinated ski-wear

Nominations: Cil and Clayton

Winner: Cil (based on the fact that she owns, and therefore has control over her outfits!)

2. Most improved

Nominations: Clayton

Winner: Clayton (based on his outfit!)

3.Worst helmet

Nominations: Katie, Clayton

Winner: Katie (difficult to go past a light blue helmet with white flowers)

All in all, the weekend was another winnner, and thanks must go to Tim and Cil for organising, and making sure that we returned with no more than just a few bruises!

Uncategorized 11 Aug 2009 10:40 pm

Sydney Weekender

We braved the Canberra cold early last Saturday morning and set off upto Sydney and warmer climes.  It’s amazing that a journey of 3 hours can bring a change in temperature of 18 Degrees (-1 when we left Canberra, to 17 in Sydney).

We started the weekend with a lunch at the Bavarian Beer Cafe in Manly – it seemed appropriate to take advantage of the opportunity to try beers that we can’t get in Canberra and catch up with good friends. 

Our next stop was King Street Wharf via the Manly Ferry.  I know that people wax lyrical about the beers at James Squire – and although I have always partaken in the beer, I have never been completed satisfied with all facets of the beer (taste, colour, smell and after taste) that is, until now… This weekend I discovered ‘The Highwayman’ – it must be new.  It was everything I was looking for – fresh, fruity, nice golden colour, and most importantly – tastes great.  If you are ever in James Squires, give it a try.

To top it off – we had dinner at Wagamamas (ok so that wasn’t really the highlight, but I thought it important to let you know we did eat!), and breakfast at Balmoral beach.  Balmoral is definately a view worth writing home about and worth returning back to Sydney for…

Sun, beer and good friends – got to put that in the top 10 things to focus your weekend.  Can’t wait ’til our next weekend adventure.