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Uncategorized 24 Jul 2009 08:41 pm

More on Katie’s cakes!

Katie did a post a while ago about her cakes.  We’ve managed to pull our collective fingers out, with Katie providing content while I worked on the presentational aspects.  So, the new “Katie’s Cakes” section is now available, you can get there from the link in the top right of the site.

The monsters are cool, but in my book Roddy and Alex’s wedding cake is the most impressive.

General 24 Jul 2009 08:22 pm

Gotta love the technology…

I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  I don’t like things to go out “not right”.  Not good for blogging.  The number of drafts I have created which haven’t been posted because I’ve been waiting to add pictures, but need to wait until I convert them to the right size so they won’t take an age to download etc…

So I made a new (financial) years resolution:  To update the blog on a more frequent basis and sacrifice quality.  More volume, less perfection.  So far, I’ve failed on an epic scale.  Kind of.

While I’m comfortable with my “geek” label, people often don’t realise that there are many sub-classes of geek.  I’m in the Excel / Programming / Datamonkey sub-classes, and do alright out of it.  But when it comes to the web-hosting/web-administrator sub-classes, I’m still finding my feet.

So if you go to (haven’t linked it as you’ll just end up back here), it’s not showing the blog, it’s showing the above rant.  Hopefully the good folk at our web provider will be able to work their magic and sort thing out (they’ve been very good in the past).