Ok. So things have moved on slightly since the last post. Funny how that happens when you don’t do anything to the site for six months…

So the move happened. The advice for anyone considering moving is – don’t underestimate the time that it takes to pack a two bedroom apartment into a van or else you too may find yourself unpacking by the light of the local restaurant (until they close and leave you completely in the dark!).

The new apartment was smaller than we remembered. We’re taking an interesting spin on life, in that while we keep acculuating more and more stuff, we keep moving into smaller and smaller places. Our latest would result to a severe concussion to a cat on the swing. But location is good, a stone’s throw from restaurants and shops.

It has more rooms than we do, but otherwise the size is pretty much bang on…

Once settled in to the apartment, it began to shrink, which spurred us on to give up our weekends, and join the trail of people tramping through houses in the hope that we may land our ideal property, in a nice location at the right price. Once we had given up about 8 weekends (although it felt longer), we began to wonder about the sanity of some people – for example: Why would you spend money renovating your ensuite and not put a shower in it? Or if you only had one bathroom, why would you put it in the centre of the house with no windows? And are the only ones who think you shouldn’t have more bathrooms than you do bedrooms?

Eventually though, we found a fantastic house and decided to participate in our first auction. A stressful experience for Katie, and Clayton (who was the one holding the number and therefore responsible for the bidding) was a nervous wreck by the end. We had read all the advice on the internet, spoken to everyone we know who had bought a house, and watched a couple of auctions. The advice was great – it basically said that as soon as someone bid, immediatly raise it without hesitation. This will scare them into thinking that YOU ARE SERIOUS, and not to be messed with. The only problem was that the our main competition had obviously read the same advice and was raising at an alarming rate. Clayton therefore ditched the advice and took an alternate tack – let them think they’ve got it and at “Going for the third and final time…”, raise his hand and take the wind out of their sails. This course of action began to annoy Katie, although not as much as the opposition who were gradually beaten into submission. So we will very shortly be picking up the keys to our very own digs!

We can’t wait for the move – to be able to unpack all of our belongings will be fantastic, and finally we will have room for guests. So, now you have no excuse not to visit us in sunny Canberra!