The City to Surf is a fourteen kilometre fun-run from Sydney’s Hyde Park out to Bondi Beach, and this year we decided to have a crack at it, albeit walking the course. This being our first, we weren’t sure what to expect.

Having a race that starts in the city and ends at the beach means it’s a bit of a pain to carry stuff – given that it’s held in winter, you may turn up in warm gear but not want to have to carry it with you for the whole course. Thankfully we live quite close to the city, and knew that it was a fairly warm day, and we could wear what we would be walking in and not be cold, but people who had travelled from further distances had rugged up. The race organisers had recommended that you wear some old, daggy gear that you’re no longer fond of, and when the race starts you just leave it by the side of the rode to be donated to charity. After the race has moved from the starting blocks, the Girl Guides come through to collect discarded items. The instructions specifically ask for clothing to be left in areas where it can be easily collected, and please don’t throw it somewhere where it’s awkward or dangerous. But, as always, the moment you ask someone not to do anything, someone tries it on, and once someone tries it on, someone else tries to outdo.

So here’s the bus shelter on the street we started on:
Good luck Girl Guides!

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