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General 22 Jul 2007 06:46 pm

Barrenjoey Head

Weather was pretty good, so we decided to go for a walk. Katie bought a book at a second hand stall in the rocks market on walks in Sydney, and one of the suggested walks was Barrenjoey from Palm Beach. We jumped in the car and made the long trip north.

For those that aren’t Sydneysiders, Barrenjoey is the northernmost point of the Northern Beaches, a good 45 minute drive from our place in good traffic.

The walk started at Palm beach, looking up at the lighthouse in the distance.
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General 01 Jul 2007 11:31 pm


To summarise the month (with the view to flesh it all out later…):

Week ending 10 June: Fairly quiet, Katie had a day in Albury, our friend Nicole had a birthday on the 8th, and another friend, Caroline, had leaving drinks (leaving Westpac to go into contracting world – all the best Caroline!).

Week ending 17 June: Mum and Dad in town, for Dad to head to the “Working with wood” show, on at Moore Park. Went along with him, while Mum went to check out Bondi Junction. Went to the Powerhouse museum on the Sunday after they left to see the “Movie Special FX” exhibition. A bit rubbish.

Week ending 24 June: Work had geared up for me, so spent most of the weekend working, although did manage to get away on Saturday night to catch up with a great mix of old and new friends in Balmain. Had a great meal at the London Hotel in Balmain, thoroughly recommend a visit!

Week ending 1 July: Work being geared up was meant to wrap up on Friday, but alas, the deadline was extended. Which was good, in that it didn’t mean long nights during the week, but also bad, in that a good slab of the weekend has gone towards work. But… did get a break to go to the cinema and have a pretty decent pizza on Saturday evening, so not a complete loss…

If all goes accordingly to plan, next weekend will be back to normality and will have time to post a more polished entry. Quietly looking forward to it! In the meantime, Dubai day 3 is finally published, so if you’re curious about our honeymoon adventures, please have a look.