So we’ve finally got this thing up and running, but it only really works if we put stuff up here. So here goes…


After years of doing things on the cheap using Geocities as a base for web hosting, Clayton finally decided to “play with the grown ups” and get some proper web hosting. Also, with the whole “married life” now playing a factor, the name of the site no longer reflected reality. And if you look back through the annals of (still available via the toolbar on the right, btw), you’ll see that Katie doesn’t feature prominantly in the old site (initially Clayton was playing his cards close to his chest, and you’ll note that the journal entries kind of finish once we hooked up as he finally had something non-geeky to occupy his time).

It’s ironic that Katie is now getting involved in a web site. What a nerd. Score one to Clayton!

Okay, so a few things to note: this is being written under our Katie and Clayton profile, which we thought was appropriate being the first post. But going forward we’ll use our own profiles, so you’ll see posts from Katie or Clayton. Which means we don’t have to keep referring to ourselves in the third person. The other thing to note is that this won’t always be the first post – we’re going to add some backdated entries for completeness, so feel free to look through “back issues” for additional posts.

Last of all (at least for this post), you’ll see an option to add a comment at the bottom of each post. Please, don’t be a stranger! We’d love to hear from you! The only thing we ask is that you take into consideration the fact that anyone can see the comments left, including our parents, so please keep that in mind… 🙂